Name                          :     Tony Suryo Kusumo

Place of the birth   :     Kebumen, Central Java

Date of the bird     :     May, 18, 1961

Status                        :     Married

Sex                             :     Man

Religion                   :     Catholic



a.   Formal education :

  1. Elementary School   : SD Negeri Prembun   1970 –1976).
  2. Junior High School   : SMP Katolik Bhakti Mulia Prembun  (1974 – 1977).
  3. Senior High School    : SMA Negeri Kebumen (1977 – 1980).
  4. Diploma of Agriculture at  University of Gajah Mada Yogyakarta (1980 – 1985).
  5. Completion of the theories in Soil Science department of Agriculture Faculty  Gajah Mada University  (1988)


b.   Workshop/Training/Seminar

  1. Training for the candidate of National trainer at the subdistrict level for Develpment Project (PPK) , May 1998.
  2. Seminar of the Application of Agricultural Technology in Balai Informasi Pertanian East Timor, March, 18 – 20, 1996
  3. Integrated Conference on Agricultural Development in Semi Arid Area of East Nusa Tenggara and Southeast Maluku, 10 – 16 December 1995 in Kupang, NTT
  4. One day seminar of the Planning for Agroforestry development, Dili city, February, 7, 1995
  5. National Workshop on Agroforestry II in Ujung pandang  (16 – 18 January 1995)
  6. Concortium  of Development of Highland in East Nusa tenggara IV , Dili,  Juni 1995
  7. Concortium  of Development of Highland in East Nusa tenggara III , Mataram, March 1994
  8. Seminar of the Aplication of Agricultural Technology II in Balai Informasi Pertanian East Timor as speaker , 17 – 19 January 1994
  9. Training of Trainer for rural development , in East Timor  (March, 1993)

10. Concortium  of Development of Highland in East Nusa tenggara II , Kupang, 1993

11. Training of Trainer for Credit Union in East Timor (July, 11 – 14, 1993)

12. Participant of Apresiasi CEFE workshop , at Dili (1991)


III. Working Experience


1. August 2004        to now Manager of Sustainable Agricultural Program of CRS Kupang

The responsibility is to develop and conduct training’s assisting partners in the development of sustainable agriculture systems, organizational capacity and supervision of on going agricultural activities. Provide support to partner NGO’s in area of sustainable agriculture, dry land farming, program support, farmer group development and monitoring and evaluation of partner NGO’s sustainable agriculture programs.

2. Nov, 2000 to August 2004 Field Monitor and Trainer of Agricultural Program of CRS Kupang.

The responsibility is to monitor and provide technical assistannce to the partner organizations to ensure the quality of Sustainable Agriculture program implementation as well as conducting and designing the training on sustainable agriculture. 

3. September – October 1999  

Facilitation of assessment in the selection of potential sites for the Satu Nama development program, Jogjakarta.

4.  1998 to March 1999 Agroforestry Program Coordinator

The responsibility included the task to design ‘Agroforestry’ program, to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the program;

Emergency Coordinator Program in ETADEP Foundation

Appointed as the coordinator of the emergency unit in this institution as the institution is committed to assist the community in response to the prolonged hunger due to the El Ninor.

As the Supervisor of USC in East Timor in the program to empower the people along the coast of Mantuto district, East Timor.

5.  1996 – 1997 Coordinator of Agroforestry Program and  Coordinator of PPMDT (Integrated Rural Community Development Project).
6.  1995 – 1996 Coordinator of Agroforestry Program and  assitant coordinator of CIDA program in ETADEP Foundation East Timor with the duty to provide assistance in selection of beneficiaries of grant from CIDA and conduct monitoring to assess the implementation of the program.
7.  1993 – 1995 Field Coordinator for Centre of Developing and Service Rural Community at Raimate in ETADEP Foundation East Timor that provides assistance in ricefield farming at SARE low land, development of agroforestry in ‘sloping land’ at highland, SED, water and sanitation management.
8.December1988 to September 2002 Program Coordinator  of Training Centre for Agribussines (Pusat Latihan Wiraswasta Tani) in Dare, Dili, East Timor with the duty to design and conduct 6 month training  for the youths wanting to become farmers with business
9. 1986 – 1988 Member of VDC (Volunteer Development Corps) in Jogjakarta to assist the marginalized urban people in Jogjakarta city.





  1. Comfortable in operation of Microsoft windows word and excell.
  2. Facilitator for Agroforestry Training, Credit Union Training, SED, PRA  at Centre Training ETADEP
  3. Fasilitator for Inpres Desa Tertinggal (IDT) as the field monitor in East Timor Province
  4. Wrote articles in Busos, Sadhana, Tani Lestari, local newspaper as Sasando, NTT Express.





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    Masih di Kupang, ya Pak? Salam!


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